How I work


liz photo jun11This webpage sets out my approach including the practicalities such as venue, fees etc.

Primarily, my approach is about developing a sound working relationship between us, where you can feel safe and accepted just as you are. Our work together is a joint endeavour and I work in an open and transparent way.

I have a range of qualifications, experience and training that creates a unique mix to draw upon (see Qualifications and Experience page). My model of practice is mainly based on Internal Family Systems, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and EMDR , underpinned by my primary training in psychosynthesis. These ways of working incorporate somatic approaches, attachment theory, mindfulness, a systems perspective, and the latest findings from neuroscience.  What this all means in practice is that I give attention to mind, body, emotions and spirit, and include a strong focus on the bodily impact of traumatic events.  I hold a strong belief in our potential for healing and see that as already present within you, waiting for us to access.

We start with ensuring that you are safe, stable and have sufficient resources to support you though our work.  We are likely to discover together and work on how what happened in the past affects you now, with the aim of releasing ‘stuckness’, so that you can move on. However, there is no pressure for you to tell the details of your story. Together we will find out what your individual healing journey needs to be, with the purpose of improving the quality of your life now and in the future. During our work together we may explore the impact on your everyday life and relationships, and how you can make changes for yourself, if necessary.

The timescales can vary – this work may take just a few sessions, or much longer. We work out the pace and duration together, as we go, reviewing regularly to make sure we are on track.

Sessions will generally be for an hour, though we may agree an hour and a half for specific sessions, such as EMDR work. We may agree a regular time and day each week, or we may be more flexible if this suits better.

I work in Batheaston, two miles to the east of Bath,  easily accessible by car, bike, or bus, and with no parking restrictions.  It is important to me that the environment in which we work is comfortable, calm and private. My practice room is self-contained with a separate entrance.

My fee is £50 an hour. Longer sessions are charged pro-rata. The charge for the first session is £35.

I have a counselling agreement for discussion at the first session which addresses issues such as cancellations, confidentiality, illness, my record-keeping etc. This helps us both be clear about the basis of our work together.

I work to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Ethical Framework for Good Practice. This promotes safe and professional counselling practices.

Call me on 07977 932066. If you prefer, e-mail me at