I offer supervision to individuals and groups, mainly from my practice room in Batheaston.

I aim to offer supervision that is relational and creative, supporting therapists to reflect, learn and grow in service of their clients.  My model of practice is primarily influenced by Internal Family Systems and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, underpinned by my primary training in Psychosynthesis. My approach to supervision is also informed by Hawkins and Shohet’s ‘Seven-eyed model’. I have a Diploma in Supervision, awarded by the Centre for Supervision and Team Development (CSTD).

I have a range of experience that informs my work, including private practice, working as a counsellor in an agency offering services to survivors of sexual assault, and, in a previous career, as a senior manager providing supervision to front-line staff and managers within a children and families social work service.

What this means is that my style of supervision is based on building a strong, supportive container where we can explore together what’s happening in your work, giving attention to both content and process, and to mind, body, emotions, and spirit. You would find that I have a strong interest in trauma, including developmental and complex trauma, and a curiosity about how the work with your client impacts on you, and me, and shows up in our sessions together.

My fee for supervision is £60 per hour. I offer sessions of an hour or 90 minutes.

Please contact me if you would like to explore having supervision with me by emailing or phone me on 07977 932066.