What clients say

Some past clients have generously chosen to share their experience on this website page, with the intention of informing others who may be contemplating working with me. 

For most of my life I have felt a sense of unease, worthlessness and that life was a battle to get through. After a number of significant breakdowns, difficulties maintaining friendships and seemingly inappropriate reactions to benign situations I contacted Liz with the hope that changes could be made. I no longer wanted past experiences, traumas to continue having a negative impact on my life.

Through working with Liz, using her knowledge and understanding and going slowly and gently, I have learnt a great deal about myself. How I had been conditioned to respond in certain ways and kind of got stuck in those old patterns. By recognising and acknowledging those responses and then ‘updating’ that those times have now past I now feel a sense of peace within. That for the first time I can be the person I want to be. I can face life’s ups and downs with a strong sense of self-knowledge and self-confidence and a hope for the happy future that I now know I can have.


Liz was always professional and held the therapeutic space carefully and sensitively. She supported me and enabled me to go to some deep places that felt very frightening. I survived ! and found the experience healing and enlightening. This gives me courage and the belief that I can go there again, that I will be safe and will come back. Liz was very clear that she believed in my system’s potential and ability to heal and grow. This is something I have internalised and now pass on to my children. I am now also more able to feel, sit with and ‘tolerate’ emotional pain; mine and other people’s. These are beautiful gifts that Liz has shared  and I will always treasure them.


Liz offers a very warm, supportive approach which can really challenge the most sensitive and painful issues in a really productive way. I went to Liz initially feeling fragmented in myself and very ill at ease. I felt a sense of being trapped by old patterns and beliefs.

I can now look on difficult, negative past memories as ‘just memories’ rather than feeling the experiences as ‘attached to me’ or affecting ‘who I am’. We managed to revisit the past safely and productively, Liz’s guidance enabled me to bring myself together in the present by dealing with many issues of past neglect and shame. 

I leave therapy now with a great sense of Joy and positive regard for myself; an appreciation of myself I never had. I look forward to the future with a sense of wonder and feel stronger and supported in my new ‘integrated’ sense of self!

I truly can’t recommend Liz strongly enough.  Words to describe our journey together: Joyful. Safe. Kind. Truthful.  Sincere. Inspirational. Liberating. 


I thought about therapy for so long and knew it was the time to take a deep breath and begin my journey, my experience with Liz has been nothing short of one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. It worked well for me and it has installed life long tools not just for me but also my family. 

Liz guided me through a really dark and uncertain time, she created a safe environment for me to explore and open up about my issues. It was a journey into my childhood, which in turn gave me strength, insight and more self awareness. On reflection I feel Liz helped me find parts of my personality which were hidden. I have a much healthier value of myself generally which has transpired into a more confident woman. 

Although there were times which were tough, I’m in a much better place than I was. I can’t thank Liz enough for her work with me. 


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